What’s the Homegrown National Park and Why Do You Want In?

Join this fun movement to support the native plants, pollinators, birds and other creatures that support our lives on Earth!

Erosion Control Project Restores Shoreline Patio Retreat

Badly damaged shoreline and patio are restored, protected, and enhanced.

Shoreline Erosion Control on A Forested Site

Best practices in bio-technical and natural shoreline protection.

Delay Yard Cleanup!

Pollinators are still overwintering in your gardens….

From Hazardous to Handsome

A vulnerable ledge and dangerous slope are turned into a welcoming path that compliments the home perfectly!

Patio Tames Riverside Slope

This patio gives the family a charming, level spot to enjoy the view with friends. Natural boulders provide seats and a perch for beverages.

What is a Watershed??


Sound Up! Shoreline Pollinator Garden Sound Effects.

Shoreline Pollinator Garden featuring New England Asters and Michigan Native Plants

Little Traverse Bay Cottage

Little Traverse Bay Cottage Garden and Path

Construction Site Restoration

Construction site restoration services focus on cost-effective, ecologically responsible, and successful restoration of impacted habitats. At the location illustrated, plants are establishing well and will be blooming with new growth in time for early summer occupation of the residence.

Natural Shoreline Restoration

Lake Shoreline Erosion, Emergency Repair, Natural Shoreline Restoration: Short-rooted turf grass is no match for waves or flowing water. Over 90 cubic yards of soil washed into Black Lake over a 14-year period. Within 4 days we stabilized the bank and created a seedbed for deep rooted plants.

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