Lake Shoreline Erosion, Emergency Repair, Natural Shoreline Restoration: Short-rooted turf grass is no match for waves or flowing water. Over 90 cubic yards of soil washed into Black Lake over a 14-year period. Within 4 days we stabilized the bank and created a seedbed for deep rooted plants.

The eroded bank was 32 inches high.

Days before the project work began, storm waves washed debris up and onto the turf, and pulled still more soil out from under the bank. Our work starts with installation of the silt fence.

After excavating the shoreline to grade and installing a filter layer of stone, biodegradable fiber “logs” are installed to help absorb wave and ice energy.

The “logs” help to stabilize the shoreline while deep-rooted native and decorative shrubs, grasses and flowering perennials are either planted, or allowed to “volunteer”. Planned gardens enhance and protect shorelines.

Larger stone are installed at the base of the new shoreline to lock the smaller stones into place

Rip-rap stones are sized to withstand storm wave action. They are installed as a ramp with a 3:1 slope, or flatter.

The rounded field stones act as marbles if ice is pushed ashore. Ice slides up and ONTO shore rather than bulldozing into the bank and accelerating erosion.

Gaps between the medium sized stones are fill with “potato” stones to help lock the structure in place. Remaining gaps provide habitat for aquatic wildlife and plants. Large stones can be set into the structure for access.

Attractive shrubs and plants pro-vide habitat for some of our favorite wildlife. Adults and children can walk and explore the entire shore.

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