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Professional Ecological Landscaping Designs and Gardening

"Because you love Northern Michigan... By Nature"

Planting and caring for landscaped and shoreline gardens - building stone retaining walls and flagstone patios - solving shoreline erosion problems - stormwater management plans and working with invasive plant species - sharing knowledge of the plants and materials used to express the natural beauty, as well as supporting sustainable biodiversity.


Our professional design, installation and gardening services help customers create and maintain landscapes that reflect their passions for Northern Michigan. Guided by personal color and texture preferences, we expertly apply ecological landscape design principles to minimize use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers, lower maintenance costs, and create beautiful outdoor living spaces. 

About Bret Huntman

Bret is a Michigan Certified Natural Shoreline Management Professional specializing in shoreline and landscape assessments, shoreline restoration, design and management. Shoreline services include DEQ and Army Corps permitting services. He works with restoration ecologists, native plant nurserymen, and landscape design professionals to design and create attractive, sustainable and healthy outdoor living space designs.


With a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University, and experience operating a lawn and home maintenance company, Bret moved north. He studied the natural history and wildlife of northern Michigan forests while hiking, skiing, and hunting. Wanting to bring forest plants closer to home, he studied the use of Michigan native plants and native plant landscape design and gardening. 


With the help of numerous mentors, peers and cross country ski friends - thank you, David, Chris, Lee and Bill - he is "North by Nature".


North by Nature is a member of the Wildflower Association of Michigan and the Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association.

Project of the Month

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Shoreline Erosion Control

From concept to completion, listening to customers, guiding their choices and helping them to visualize the future, we help bring dreams to life. Well designed and properly constructed natural shorelines stop soil erosion and lakeside property damage. They are easily traversed and provide access to the beach along the full length of the property. A lakeside garden will be designed to include perennial flowers, grasses and shrubs. It will be planted in the early summer of 2018. The deep rooted plants will help to anchor the stones into place and blend them into the landscape. Form and function are two of our guiding principles.