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Serving Emmet, Charlevoix and Cheboygan Counties,
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Charlevoix, East Jordan, Boyne City,
Indian River, and Cheboygan.

Shoreline Erosion Control

Stop losing ground to shoreline erosion

Are you losing beloved and valuable real estate to shoreline erosion? Contact North By Nature Landscapes now and take steps to preserve your special property and your investment. NBN provides full shoreline preservation and landscaping services,

  • from our initial site inspection,
  • through project design,
  • the preparation of permit documents, and
  • installation and planting.

Using primarily deep-rooted native plants and locally sourced, right-sized stone, our designs dissipate wave action and control ice push erosion while improving water quality and fish and wildlife habitat. Our shoreline protection methods work with nature and have stood the test of time. These methods are supported by the Michigan Shoreline Stewardship Partnership and the Michigan Department of Energy, Great Lakes and Environment (EGLE).

Our experience includes numerous shoreline projects across northern Michigan, including on Lake Charlevoix, Walloon Lake, Burt Lake, Crooked Lake and the Crooked River, Douglas Lake, Black Lake, and Hubbard Lake.

The water’s edge may change from year to year, but you can have a strong, beautiful, accessible shoreline that works with northern Michigan’s ecology and economy.

North By Nature’s experienced and certified shoreline professionals are available to meet you at your property to perform an on-site evaluation. Call or message us today.


  • Project planning and Design
  • Site assessments
  • Permitting and Budgeting
  • Plant selections
  • Site preparation
  • Installation and maintenance

Lakefront and Riverfront Landscaping

Stabilize and Enhance Your Shoreline

We learn about you and your design preferences, then introduce you to beautiful, deep-rooted native plants and natural materials to create custom low-impact, sustainable shoreline gardens.

Shallow rooted turf grasses and cultivated plants fail to stabilize soils, slow stormwater runoff and stop erosion. Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides used in their maintenance can be harmful to people, pets and wildlife. These chemicals can degrade water quality if they enter the lake or river and our groundwater.

Our gardens offer opportunities to enjoy your shoreline, frame views, create privacy and shelter from the wind, while also reducing soil erosion and protecting water quality.


Environmental Shoreline Landscape Services Petoskey
Landscape Gardens

Landscaped Gardens

Because you love northern Michigan... by nature.

Inspired and guided by the natural beauty of Northern Michigan and classic landscape designs, we help you explore the colors, textures, and function of plants and garden structures to help create beloved outdoor living areas.

Our projects always include many native plant landscapes that benefit pollinators, birds, and wildlife. We design and install

  • Butterfly Gardens,
  • Pollinator Gardens,
  • Rain Gardens,
  • Shoreline Gardens,
  • Meadows,
  • Woodland Gardens, and
  • Kitchen Gardens

to fit your particular site and interests.

North by Nature Landscapes harmonizes your lifestyle and the ecology of the places you love.  Native plants require minimal fertilizing and irrigation, helping reduce the carbon footprint of your landscapes.

Site Assessment | Garden Design | Site Preparation | Debris Removal | Soil Improvement | Planting | Feeding | Mulching | Maintenance

Hardscapes Built Right

Patios, Retaining Walls, Steps, Walkways, Fire Rings and more

North By Nature’s hardscape construction team specializes in using carefully chosen natural field stone and flagstone to build handsome patios, walkways, and dry-stacked retaining walls. While they lend themselves to all styles–traditional, rustic, modern, and more–these materials and techniques have stood the test of time. Our work is unconditionally guaranteed.

A landscape plan with illustrations of the suggested materials and plants.

Design & Planning

Design, Planning and Consulting

Beginning with your goals, vision, and aesthetic preferences, our professionals design outdoor living areas and views you will treasure for a lifetime.

We have extensive experience creating beautiful solutions to landscape challenges including:

  • waterfront stability
  • landscaping in harmony with wetlands
  • aggressive invasive plants, and
  • awkward slopes.

Building? Bring us in at the site-planning stage to identify opportunities and challenges architects, builders and excavators may not recognize. Our insights will save you money and hassle while enriching the final results.

All North by Nature landscape designs use 70% or more native plants. Your yard will support economically and ecologically important pollinators, sequester carbon, provide food for birds and other wildlife (while minimizing damage by deer and rabbits), and be a delight for all your senses!

Call or message us today!


Wetland Landscaping

Ask Shrek: They're no longer seen as "dismal swamps!"

Are you living or building adjacent to wetlands? That’s wonderful! For most people today, a view over a marsh or into the magic of a cedar swamp is an asset that increases the value of your property. North By Nature’s staff are experts in designing and installing landscapes that make the most of your wetland assets and comply with state and federal wetland regulations.

Environmental Services

  • Native-Plants and Conservation Plantings
  • Invasive Plant Management
  • Stormwater Management Solutions\

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