Improve Your Water Access with Biotechnical Erosion Control

The gentle shoreline slope dictated by biotechnical erosion control allows you to access the water along the full length of your shoreline. In addition, we are happy to add special access points to smooth the way for your favorite water activities.

On a shoreline protected from erosion by gradually sloped stone, a special path where the rocks are set with smooth sides up allows for easy launching of kayaks.A popular option is a kayak ramp as shown in the photo above. It is the path in the foreground where all of the stones are set to make a smooth surface from the woods to the water.


On a northern Michigan lake surrounded by forest, two workers take pride in a boat ramp installed as part of a biotechnical erosion control project.

One customer requested a wider ramp for their catamaran.


A fishing boat on a trailer is backed over a kayak ramp into a lake.

We don’t sanction using a kayak ramp this way, but are proud to say that the ramp survived this abuse!

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