“Landscaping with a sense of shared respect for the wider ecology we are participating with is a value that keeps me feeling connected with NBN. That culture of respect includes how we interact as team members.”



“Because, unlike other companies, the boss cares about you. Bret wants everyone to be on the job and to be safe. If you get hurt he takes it seriously. And you won’t get demoted.”



“We value working with the environment–using the native plants and mimicking nature.


If you want to learn the trade instead of just punching a clock, North By Nature is a great place to work.”



“I love that we work native plants into the landscape at every reasonable opportunity. Through this act, we seed a future of vibrant, diverse landscapes that can support local pollinators and wildlife. This is what initially drew me to the company and what sustains me during the hot, cold, damp, and long work days.”



“Ownership and management are available to talk and interested in what you have to say about projects and operations.


We’re a close-knit team AND inclusive of new people. Also, greenhorns are taught by working alongside us, not just thrown into the mix. But expect chirping!”