Water levels of the Great Lakes are at or approaching ALL TIME HIGH RECORDS and are forecast to set new records in 2020. Shoreline erosion is a BIG problem on the Great Lakes AND lakes connected to them.

Shoreline erosion on inland lakes is a bigger problem too! Larger boats and wake boarding recreation are creating bigger waves than mother nature does. Add in climate uncertainty and threats to property, near shore structures, and fish habitats are on the rise.

Based in Petoskey Michigan, North by Nature Landscapes has a decade of experience designing and building natural shoreline protection and restoration structures. For the last 2 seasons, we have adapted our time tested designs to protect our customer shorelines at the new high water mark AND from BIGGER waves. At this 2019 project site, we installed stone mulch at the top of the bank to stabilize the soils while the more densely planted deep rooted grasses and flowers become established.

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